ZOUTE GRAND PRIX organizes several high-end car, art and lifestyle events all over Europe, both with new and classic cars.

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ZOUTE GRAND PRIX is a wondrous world of high end lifestyle and art events, with cars as the centre of attention. Proposing a diverse variety of Rallies, GT Tours, Car and Art expositions, Concours d’Elégance’s and Sales.

Think spectacular automobiles, in all shapes and sizes. Think class, think elegance, think the good life. Think an eye for detail, think immaculate service and think exquisite hospitality in unforgettable or surprising venues. Think camaraderie and think the true meaning of pure automobile passion! Welcome to the world of ZOUTE GRAND PRIX.

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Our main event, ZOUTE GRAND PRIX CAR WEEK is a high-end car, art and lifestyle festival spread across Knokke-Heist, Bruges and Ostend in Belgium. With various events, such as a ZOUTE RALLY by stow, a ZOUTE CONCOURS D'ELEGANCE by EY, a ZOUTE SALE by Bonhams, a PRADO ZOUTE and ZOUTE GT TOUR it’s unique in Europe. It stretches over several days across the beautiful towns, with charm and camaraderie at the heart of every festivity.

We also organise events in Durbuy, such as the DURBUY GT TOUR and RALLYE DE DURBUY. A ladies rally, RALLYE DES MUSES and a rallye in France, RALLYE DES CHATEAUX make the list complete. And there are more events on the way!

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All ZOUTE GRAND PRIX CAR WEEK activities take place within an area known as The Golden Triangle: an exceptional region that is defined by two distinctive seaside resorts (one for its traditional grandeur, the other for its joie de vivre) and an infamous historical gem that is considered a UNESCO world heritage site. The Golden Triangle — the perfect stage for the spectacle that is ZOUTE GRAND PRIX CAR WEEK!


Knokke-Heist is particularly renowned for its laid-back lifestyle. Many of its luxurious mansions and pitoresque villa’s are occupied by prominent members of social, corporate and artistic life. The most luxurious part of town, Le Zoute, is renowned for its classy shops, stylish brand flagship stores, comfy hotels, cosy restaurants and art galleries. Due to its unique situation, the resort enjoys a year-round mild microclimate. Knokke-Heist is easily accessible from all major European cities.


Bruges, the Venice of the Nord, is located in the northwest corner of Belgium. The historic city centre is a prominent World Heritage Site of UNESCO. With tree-lined avenues, hushed cobbled streets, narrow alleys, huge squares for events, characterful corners, Bruges is full of special places. Some hidden, others magnificent, all calling for your attention. Places that combine history and joie de vivre. In short, streets and squares full of stories where you’ll want to linger for hours.


Ostend is known for its sea-side esplanade, including the Royal Galleries of Ostend and fine-sandy beaches. Ostend is also known as the Belgian Queen of Spa-Towns and is the most important coastal town of Belgium, has a large fishing port and a popular marina, beautiful designed parks, crowded shopping streets, markets and countless numbers of bars, discotheques and clubs. 


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From their joint passion for rallying grew the ambition to bring a different rally experience to life, with brothers Filip and David Bourgoo. At the time, far too many rally events were defined by compromise: if sportiness and excitement were high, atmosphere, food & drinks and the lifestyle aspect often were disappointing. And vice versa.

Surely, this could be done better, they thought. Thus came to life the very first ZOUTE GRAND PRIX, in 2010. And the rest is history…